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The legendary Jay Fai!

What I learned from the No.1 Street Food Chef in Thailand.

At age 70, the street food legend, Jay Fai still cooks like a Rockstar. Wearing her Iconic

Goggles, she blazes up the woks and creates magic.

I learned from her that it's the Bintang charcoals that are blown with a small turbo fan that create that next level heat. Her glowing charcoals were so hot, the heat was intense and that's why one can understand why she is wearing Goggles. More than the heat, I learned that.

The real secret to her success was dedication and hard work. She worked so hard. Didn't take a break the entire evening as she cooks every dish, herself. Her daughter and few staff help take away dishes and clean the tables as people can't even get a seat prior to her receiving her well deserved Michelin Star. Anthony Bourdain and famous celebrities have graced her street food stall for years. It was a pleasure meeting this legendary icon. Btw, her deep fried egg crab rolls are truly amazing. It has at least 1 lb of fresh, juicy crab meat.

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