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Tasty Meat Snacks

4 Ingredients 0 Preservatives 18 months Shelf life.

How many times did you look at the back of a package and wanted to count the number of listed ingredients? In 2019 I attended the IFFA convention in Frankfurt. It was the time when meatless products started hitting the market. Of course it was the talk of town. Together with new friends, we went to one of my favorite German Restaurant in the city of Mainz. A hidden gem called Eisgrub. If you are ever in Germany, you must hit the spot.

Over their famous German Schweinshaxen (crispy pork hogs) and delicious brews, we discussed if anyone had tried these meatless products. Eating meat, talking about meatless meat.

The topic went from: Did you see how many ingredients it has? Leading to, is this healthy for you? A few days later, a friend brought a beer that had only 3 ingredients on the label. It said in German: Wasser, Hopfen und Malz. In English, it's Water, Hops and Malt . I said; now that's a proper beer! And a proper beer it was.

That's when I realized once again, that some of the best things in life are simply simple.

Bakkwa, also known as rougan (肉干, is a dried savoury sweetmeat that traditionally takes the form of thin square slices. It is a soft asian meat snack that has been around for centuries. Bak kwa and rougan, meaning “dried meat” in Hokkien and Mandarin respectively, also refer to barbecued pork or pork jerky. Dating back to Fujian, China in 1800 to Singapore in the early 1900 and now Korea, Japan and South East Asia, Tasty Meat Snack is based on a Authentic Singaporean Bakkwa Recipe that has only 4 ingredients, Namely: Pork, Sugar, Garlic, Fish Sauce.

Isn't this a beautiful recipe? Pure, clean, simple and traditional.

The way the things used to be.

No ingredients you cannot pronounce or your mother didn't have in her pantry.

No Preservatives. No celery powder. This Product is Shelf Stable for 18 months.

You can keep it longer, but why would you?

Triple smoked, this Singaporean Superstar will delight your taste buds. The harmony of Premium Canadian Meat, natural smoke and Umami from the Fish Sauce will tantalize your senses. Make sure when you open a Tasty package, your smoke alarm doesn't go off. Especially when you open the Korean BBQ. Imagine instant Korean BBQ, anytime on the go as they are individually packaged.

We put a spin on the Curry and Italian as well. A Tasty Trip around the world, baby, Gluten-Free style.

To make this the best, we partnered with some of the Top farms in Canada to present you: Raised Without Antibiotics, Raised Without Hormones. Farm raised on a 100% natural vegetarian diet. Grain and fresh water. The feed is grown on the same land. One of the owners explained to me, that this is the only way they can control the quality. It starts with the feed.

Least and not last, I have good news for all the people who don't like hard jerky.

Tasty Meat Snacks is a Soft jerky. And I do stress, the word, soft. You will never ever have to fight for it again. I guarantee.

Tasty Meat Snacks is a brand I am very proud of. This is my 3rd child.

I will introduce you to the rest of my children, next time.

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