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Food Service

Plated Hibachi Meat

At Bae Food Group, we pride ourselves on sourcing local ingredients to infuse our offerings with authentic international flavors. Elevate your menu with our diverse product categories, featuring savory sausages, juicy whole muscle roasts, flavorful BBQ options, authentic Asian and European meats, and convenient shelf-stable choices. Our unwavering commitment to quality and consistency guarantees a premium dining experience for your customers, showcasing the perfect fusion of local ingredients and global tastes. Partner with Bae Food Group to enhance your food service offerings and delight discerning palates with our thoughtfully curated selection.


Applications: Appetizer, Snack, Breakfast, Lunch, Bites, Roll-Ups



Applications: Burger, Sandwich, Taco, Carving station, Holiday feast

BBQ & Whole Muscle Roasts

asian meats1.JPG

Applications: Topping for Pizza, Burger, Subsandwich, Taco, Rice / Noodle bowl, Lettuce wrap, Poutine

Asian Meats

food service_whole muscle roasted.JPG

Applications: Burger, Sandwich, Appetizer, Charcuterie platter. Holiday feast

European Meats

shelf stable.JPG

Applications: Meat snacks,
Smoked meat topping 

Shelf-Stable Meats

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