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Who we are

Bae Food Group is a Federal Canadian Food Processor that operates a variety of brands. We specialize in Asian and European meat products.

We use Premium Ingredients, Authentic Recipes, state of the art equipment, to bring you some of the newest and most exciting meat products on the market.


Strict Food Safety Programs are in place to ensure Freshness & Quality. We work with Local Farmers that follow a strict Grain-Fed Program. Farm raised in Alberta, Free of Antibiotics and Hormones. 


Our production facility is CFIA/USDA certified, HACCP approved and located 10 minutes from the Edmonton International Airport. We ship our products across Canada and USA. 


Our mission is to bring authentic, traditional Asian & European meat products to Canada.

Bae Food Group is located in Leduc, Alberta. 

Food Safety

Bae Food Group is committed to the highest Food Safety Quality Standards available. We use multiple Food Safety Programs, follow strict Standard of Operations, and Full Wash Downs to ensure Safe Food for All.

Our Quality Assurance program includes: regular Allergen Swab Tests, Allergen Lab studies, Shelf-life Tests, Water Activity Tests, and more.

Our federal establishment is CFIA & USDA certified and monitored strictly by CFIA, the Government, and our Food Safety Team.


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Food Quality

We are proud to support Alberta's Farmers, Alberta's Department of Agriculture & Forestry, and the Farm to Table Program. We work with local producers that Farm Raised their animals, No Antibiotics or Hormones. Naturally Grain fed & finished, are some of the qualities of meat we will use.  

Culinary experience from Around the World

Bringing authentic recipes from around the world to your home. Our Brands focus on international meat products that are produced right here in Canada. 

We use fresh ingredients and traditional preparation techniques to take you on a culinary experience around the world.

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