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Who we are

Bae Food Group is a Canadian-based, federally inspected meat processor that produces a variety of brands in the frozen foods, deli meats and jerky categories. The portfolio of brands include Fantastick, Tasty Meat Snacks, Mini Sausage, OPPA's BBQ, Premium Korean BBQ, Bacon2Go, and more. 

In 2022, Bae Food Group, won 28 awards at the IFFA International Meat & Sausage Competition in Frankfurt, Germany—the most awards given out to a Canadian company in the competition’s history.

Bae Food Group is a proud supporter of local farmers, ranchers and processors. The company is committed to supporting the local economy and providing high quality products. It provides farmers with an opportunity to improve profitability, while also allowing them to stay in business during challenging times. The company’s focus on local products is reflected in its commitment to supporting the Canadian beef, pork and poultry industry. Bae Food Group is committed to providing consumers with the best quality products possible. The company hopes to be an industry leader in the development of innovative solutions for its customers, employees, suppliers and community partners in the years to come. 

Bae Food Group is located in Leduc, Alberta. 

Food Safety

Bae Food Group is dedicated to providing the safest possible food for our customers. We use multiple programs and rigorous standards in order to guarantee that every product crafted meets or exceeds government regulations regarding food safety.

Our Quality Assurance program includes: regular Allergen Swab Tests, Allergen Lab studies—including shelf-life testing and water activity assessments.

Our establishment is a federally inspected and certified facility that operates under strict guidelines set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the Government and Bae Food Group's Food Safety Team.


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Sharing Dim Sum

Food Quality

Bae Food Group is dedicated to producing delicious, healthy, and sustainable food that is produced by Canadian farmers. We carefully select only the highest-quality meat from local farms. The results are naturally raised, pasture-based beef that provides health benefits and a satisfying taste.

Culinary experience from Around the World

Our brands bring international recipes to your home through authentic meat products made right here in Canada. We use fresh ingredients and traditional preparation techniques—often taking you on a culinary experience around the world! Our mission is to bring you the most authentic and delicious meat products. We want you to experience the food and culture that inspired our recipes, and share them with your friends and family.

Our Client Types

Food Service (FS)

Wholesale Grocery


Retail (R)

Grocery Chain Store
Convenience Stores


Online (O)

Online shopping

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