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The Art of Thai Sausage

How I travelled 1600km to learn from one of Thailand's best.

Two of my all time favorite sausages are actually not German sausages. They are Thai Sausages: Sai Krok Isaan and Sai Krok Chiang Mai, both northern Thai Sausage delicacies.

These underrrated sausages are packed with Lemongrass, Thai herbs and boasts a wonderful aroma once grilled over bintang charcoal. I fell in love with it during my travels in Thailand.

P'Goong of Isaan, Thailand won National Awards from the Thai Government for her mastery of Thai Sausages.

I was back in Canada when I found out about P'Goong. We talked over the phone. She wanted to know why I wanted to learn from her. It was a hard interview as she wanted to make sure I didn't leak her secrets, but I was able to meet her and learn from her.

P'goong Khap Kun Krap and Thank you for the experience. That's what made it worth it! How many times in your life will you wear a pink gown and try to sell the sausages on the street to passing cars in scorching +37 degree weather. Only in Thailand.

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