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Food Made with Passion

Who We Are

Bae Food Group is a Edmonton-based, federally inspected meat processor that produces a variety of brands in the frozen foods, deli meats and jerky categories.  

We are a Canadian company whose mission is to create the best products possible and provide our customers with the highest quality and most innovative food products available, so that they can eat better.

Bae Food Group is always looking for new ways to enhance the value of our products by focusing on developing sustainable production processes that produce a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

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Food is love. Food is life. Bae Group is here to make the most of every bite. 


Get to know:
Our Brands

For a taste of the world—from our international award-winning MINI cocktail sausages to OPPA's Korean BBQ and "Chef’s Grill," we've got quick & easy dinner solutions. Look out for our Meat Snacks: Fantastick, Tasty, Peppe!

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